Community Projects




Care for Uganda tries to work in partnerships wherever possible so that work isn’t duplicated within the community. We have signed Memorandums of Understanding with Buganda Kingdom, Bbowa Polytechnic, Bbowa Secondary Vocational School and Kairos primary school. We also work in collaboration with the Government of Uganda.


So far Care for Uganda has been able to support:

  • Income generation projects by giving small loans.

  • Vocational training in brick making, brick laying and tailoring for people with no academic qualifications.

  • Livestock projects donating goats, piglets and chickens for breeding. Each recipient then gives two animals back to Care for Uganda so another family can also benefit.

  • Building work at a number of schools.

  • Promotion of local arts through purchase of local drums for community use.
  • Building two new community toilets.
  • Building 50 energy saving stoves in schools and homes.
  • Two nursery seedbeds which will provide plants for food and eucalyptus trees.









Livestock project
Drumming project
Income generation