The life of John Bosco

All of the children on the sponsorship programme have a story about their lives, and we wanted to give you a chance to get to know the story behind one such child on the sponsorship programme.

John Bosco has cerebral palsy – his speech is slurred and some of his movements lack coordination. In the UK he would have plenty of help and would probably have the support of loving parents. In Uganda, he was abandoned by his parents and he pretty much lived on the streets of Bukasa, a suburb of Kampala.


We first met John when he was about 11. Members of a local church were looking after him for a few days and then he was moved on to someone else’s home for a few days. This was John’s life – a struggle for him and a struggle for those who were trying to look after him the best they could because the majority of them were very poor.

Care for Uganda was able to find a sponsor for John and place him in our small orphanage and make it possible for him to regularly attend school for the first time in his life.

John was extremely happy to get this sponsorship and has grasped this opportunity with both hands.

Although it was unlikely that John was going to be able to achieve academic heights, Kairos Primary School saw his potential and John was soon a prefect at school and was very popular with the other pupils.

John is now 17 and is quite a strapping young man. Within the last year it has become obvious that John has reached his potential academically and we were delighted when we were able to offer him an apprenticeship in brick-making and brick-laying at our Vocational Centre in Bbowa.

John is now living in Kampala and finding various jobs to do.