Child Sponsorship

Education is something most people in the West take for granted.  Sadly, it is still not available for all in Uganda and without education, a child has very little hope for the future.

The Care For Uganda sponsorship programme aims to give all its children a proper school education.

Until recently, only those children whose families could afford school fees were able to go to school.  When Universal Primary Education was launched in 1997, it was hoped that every child would then have access to basic education. However, that has not been the case. Only the first four children in a family have free school places and even then, their school uniforms, scholastic materials and school meals have to be paid for. Many cannot afford even this.  A large number of Ugandan children are still not receiving an education.

The government schools are often under resourced and class sizes of 60+ are the norm. Care For Uganda works in partnership with government primary schools by giving grants to improve their resources.

The sponsorship programme meets the needs of some of these disadvantaged children. We do not discriminate against any child and accept children of all faiths and none.  We are financially supporting 44 different schools and colleges through our sponsorship programme, including government schools, Muslim, Catholic and Church of Uganda schools and vocational and special needs institutions.

For primary children, sponsorship of £18 per month pays for fees, scholastic materials, school uniform, food during term time and administration in Uganda. Emergency medical care is also given.  Secondary education is more expensive and for these children the sponsorship covers only the school fees.

If you would like to help change a child's life through sponsorship, please follow the link below and we will be in contact with you shortly.

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