July 2017 update

We are delighted to hear from those who have graduated from the sponsorship programme.

Dalton was the first boy to be sponsored through Care for Uganda.He was 12 years old.Dalton has two older sisters and a younger brother.His father died when he was quite young.

Dalton has taken seriously his role as man of the house.He has always worked hard throughout primary and secondary school.

He achieved good A-level results and it was this that prompted his sponsors to help him to attend university.

Dalton studied hard and gained an engineering degree at Makerere university in Kampala.He is now working as an engineer currently building a school in a remote area for the government.


Quote from Dalton:

"Thanks for enabling me to aquire a decent education. I am always grateful and all I can do right now is wish for God's blessings to rain down on you"


The site where Dalton is site engineer

Motorbike ambulance update

FLOW, the medical wing of Care for Uganda has provided six motorbike ambulances to Luwero district. It has been problematic setting up this ambulance service and it has proved to be a steep learning curve.

At last,we are delighted to say,all of these ambulances are now fully operational.An Ambulance Management Committee in Uganda oversees the day to day running of this service.



Training Village Health Teams

We have just completed training a further 20 Community Health Promoters, 20 Traditional Birth Referral Attendants and 10 Operational Level Health Workers.


Operational Level Health Workers presented with bicycles to help with their visitation programme