Flow Health Care


FLOW is the Health Care sub-committee of Care for Uganda. It was formed in November 2012 to utilise a grant obtained from the UK Government by our sister organisation PONT (Partnerships Overseas Networking Trust). It consists of GPs, Hospital Doctors, and Midwives.

Flow Sub-committee


It has been working in the Makulubita sub-county of Lowero District providing and facilitating training for volunteers from local villages. The volunteers are trained to three levels:

Community Health Promoters(CHPs)

This is the basic level health worker we train. They receive four separate weeks training in health promotion, hygiene and sanitation, and first aid.

Operational Level Health Workers (OPLs)

The best CHPs are invited to an extended training course consisting of two 2-week residential courses where they are taught enhanced clinical skills along with organisational and management skills.

Traditional Birth Referral Attendants (TBRAs)

These are individuals who have traditionally assisted women in labour using ancient, primitive methods. Originally called Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs), the training they receive is designed to educate them about the advantages of adopting more modern practices including encouraging women to deliver in the safety of health care facilities rather than in their village huts. The aim is to reduce the appalling rate of maternal and infant mortality in Uganda.

The grant also allows for the provision of three Motorbike Ambulances which have had a major impact in other areas of Africa.



In addition to providing a basic level of Primary Care, FLOW is also engaged in improving the situation in local hospitals, exploring the possibilities of providing clean water to local Health Clinics, and most importantly increasing awareness of the plight of Ugandans amongst the population of Wales.