Health Care
Improving health care in the community

Care For Uganda has partnered with Hernia International to organise teams from the UK to go out to Uganda and provide much needed Hernia operations in areas where such healthcare is not accessible.  This has bought relief to many who have lived with hernias for many years unable to get them treated. 

Operation hernia mission: 7th-14th November 2015 to Luwero Uganda.

This mission was the first to Uganda as a joint venture between the charities Hernia international and Care for Uganda. The team consisted of 2 consultant surgeons Mr Tim Brown and Mr Scott Caplin Swansea, consultant anaesthetist Dr Penny Howell Ipswich, surgical trainees John Whitaker and Sue Chandler and ACCS trainee Emily Adam.

Over the 5 days the team operated on a total of 62 people with 72 procedures carried out. The patients’ ranged from aged 4 to 83 years old.  The hospital are very keen for us to return for further missions.