Community Projects
Bringing Sustainable Change To Communities

Sustainable Projects That Change Lives

Over the years of working closely with children on our sponsorship programme, we have seen great need also existing in the local community.  Many families struggle from day to day with inadequate food, housing, clean water and healthcare.  Often these families are unable to lift themselves out of their situations due to lack of employment and income.  Over time CFU has been able to develop successful projects and initiatives to help bring lasting change to these desperate situations.

Care for Uganda works in partnership with the people of Bbowa in the Luwero District. It aims to achieve lasting change by enhancing the skills and knowledge of community members and giving them opportunities to improve their standard of living through sustainable development.

Recent research has shown a high level of sexual assaults on girls and young ladies in rural areas.  The research looked at the potential causes behind this.  

In the communities CFU is working in, they do not have modern appliances like electric cookers.  Instead meals are prepared over open fires using what wood can be found and collected.

In rural areas many girls are too embarrassed to attend school during their monthly periods. The main reason for this is that they cannot afford to buy sanitary towels.

Livestock is very precious in Uganda and gives a means for a family to generate income and food.

The facilities to wash our hands after going to the toilet is something we take for granted, however in some parts of Uganda this is still a luxury.

Care for Uganda work alongside Luwero district supplying mosquito nets to those in need. Malaria is the number one killer in Uganda.

Malaria is the main cause of death in Uganda. Mosquito nets help in the prevention of malaria.