News and Updates
Read about the latest developments and news from the Charity.

The work in Uganda continues.



We are building new external and internal walls for this house in Namyeso village as the existing walls were about to fall down.


Whenever funds are available we are able to buy much needed textbooks for schools.


One of our projects is to distribute solar lamps. The main reason for this is that in rural villages many people won't use mosquito nets as they are scared that they will catch fire. There is no electricity in these villages, so their only source of light is kerosene candles with a naked flame. Malaria is the number one killer in Uganda. By providing solar lamps the risk of fire is removed which means people can then use mosquito nets without fear.


We contine to construct tippy-taps. This simple intervention makes a huge difference as there are now fewer cases of diarrhea.


We have a number of children with special needs on our child sponsorship programme. John has Albinism so we need to make sure that he wears a hat and uses sun cream.


We continue to take an interest in youngsters who have completed our child sponsorship programme. Henry is trying to start a sandal making business.



Our housekeeper, Rachel, looks after the buildings throughout the year and looks after teams during Development Support Programmes.



Saul is an advisor to Care for Uganda and his wisdom and experience is very much valued at the monthly team meeting. He is also joint-owner of a matatu (minibus taxi) and transports teams during Development Support Programmes.



Yazidi is in charge of security. He does a great job all year. Teams are grateful for his presence during Development Support Programmes.