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Care for Uganda have had a busy summer with three Development Support Programmes taking place.

This month the update is about the Hernia DSP.

Dan, Charlie, Andy, Brother Monday, Ed, Scott, Dave and Tim.

The first thing we needed to do when we arrived in Bbowa was visit the Bishop Caesar Asili hospital where the hernia operations were to taking place.

Andy discussing arrangements with Sister Ernestine.

The medical team checking the operating theatres.

News of the opportunity to have a free hernia operation had been broadcast on the local radio stations. Many people turned up and were screened. Then an operating list was drawn up and people were told when their operations would be.

 Over a five day period, 72 procedures were carried out on 65 patients. This was a tremendous achievement.

 The medical team had a little time to travel around Bbowa and see something of the work of Care for Uganda.


We visited the home of one of the children on the Care for Uganda Child Sponsorship Programme. His disabled single mother is doing her best in a very poor situation. Cooking has to be done on a sigali (a small charcoal burner) in the open air. A little money has been scraped together to start having a small kitchen constructed. Our experience has shown us that it is best to help people who are already trying to help themselves. So, we will see if we are able to afford to construct an energy saving stove for this family. This fits perfectly into our aim of giving a hand-up not a hand-out.

Whilst the medical team were carrying out the hernia operations, Dan and I were visiting the various areas where Care for Uganda is based. Dan was taking video footage and photographs for new publicity material and a documentary about the work of Care for Uganda.

We discovered this family living in a house which is very near to collapse. We intend to rebuild this house.

We visited in Katongole, a slum area, where Care for Uganda first started its work. We met a number of young adults who had completed the sponsorship programme. They expressed their thanks for those who have helped them.

Dan and I were invited to Bulange, the parliament of the Buganda kingdom, to meet Prince Daudi Golooba and the Minister of health. The Buganda kingdom is the largest of five kingdoms in Uganda. These kingdoms work alongside the President and the National Government. The Buganda kingdom is the same size as Wales.

Brother Monday, Andy and Prince Daudi Golooba.


Brother Monday, Andy, Prince Daudi Golooba and the Minister of health.


Dan, Minister's secretary, Prince Daudi Golooba, Andy, Minister of Health, Brother Monday.