Meet The Team

Meet those that make CFU possible

Care For Uganda is a UK charity that is managed and administrated from the UK, however the majority of its staff are Ugandans living in Uganda in the areas Care For Uganda is involved in.

UK Team

The UK team involves a large number of volunteers who are passionate about the work of CFU. Many have taken part in fundraising activities in the UK and been on one or more of the many Development Support Programmes in Uganda.The team is led by Andy Pilcher who is the CEO and he is supported by Sarah Moreland who is the charity administrator. 

The Charity Trustees are: Margaret Adams, Terry Emanuel, Rob Owen, Niki Owen, Les Phillips, Sue Pilcher, Linda Wicks, Jane Williams, Andy Pudduck and Robert Zziwa.There is also a General Committee that meets regularly. The committee is made up of people from Clevedon, Gloucester, Cardiff and Neath Port Talbot.

Ugandan Team

The Uganda Team are made up of Ugandans that share and believe in the vision of Care For Uganda.  Many have been part of the team for years and are well known in the local community for the work they carry out.  They work closely with the UK team to implement and monitor the work of Care For Uganda and ensure it is carried out to a high standard.

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Andy Pilcher - CFU CEO
Andy Pilcher - CEO of Care For Uganda
Leader and Operations Manager
Lawrence Mbalire
Team Leader and Operations Manager
Team Leader and Operations Manager, Lawrence Mbalire (known as Monday). He has many years experience of working in the community and with the children. He has been working for CFU for x years.